Peer Support Network

The FFMV is working towards establishing a Peer Support Network for firefighters in the state of Massachusetts and a goal to establish a national network in the future. We will train and support peers to be the eyes and ears in their department for signs and symptoms of PTSD, suicide, and, addiction. The training we offer will prepare them to properly recognize a concern of this nature and attempt to offer the appropriate services. This will decrease the likelihood of individuals struggling with the effects of post-traumatic stress, suicide, or addiction to continue unnoticed and unaided.

Peer Support Meetings

Peer Support Group Meetings will be offered on a 3-week cycle. The meeting content will alternate between Veteran associated stressors and Fire Service associated stressors. We have carefully constructed our meetings this way to ensure all content have equal precedence. The meetings will be a sober, judgment-free environment, and are designed to debrief attendees’ stressors in an effort to build mental resiliency, lower stress levels, and ultimately enjoy a long and prosperous career in public service.